Saturday, October 15


I'm wondering for the coming celebration and it caused me insomnia for couple of day. Seriously,I couldn't fall as sleep easily like I always did. The feeling was suck! Due to the last minutes plan I think it will just mess up like that-! I don't know why got this kind of feeling. Damn it!

Tuesday = Weekday . I'm wondering the traffic jam will cause us mess up the plan. Apparently, 8 pm is the time that most of the people stuck in a jam. As i knew KL area definitely JAM for all the time. So yea~ I worried that we gonna reach the destination by 9 pm plus or 10 pm ==

2nd things, TRANSPORT problem. The main problem among four of us. Someone told me that how shame it was. Held birthday party for the friends but ask the friend take cab to get to the such a well-known Restaurant - The House of Fine Steak. But what to do?

Anyway~ I wish the planing goes well and smoothly.


Miss LydiaTan said...

hey girl, calm down 1st, i was plan this celebration 1 week ago~ the celebration is usually at nite rite? as u know, we all night only free~ someone suggest take cab because as u knw, we all got transport prob, and dint own a car..and lastly, the venue is at victoria station~ so as a conclusion, i actually very fed up wif this~ and i hate to be planner

Jåzz薇 said...

I'm alright~ The celebration at night I knew that. I'm wondering they will feel hungry because 8pm KL still jam like hell we couldn't estimate what time we'll reach the destination. Although Jln Ampang consider near to us but as I know it's still a jam at that timing. Anyway,since we agreed and it's no more time to change the plan. So I really wish the plans goes well and thank you to be a planner. Btw, after the celebration how to go back?