Wednesday, January 12

Let's ROCK tonight!!

Hellow~~People~~~I'm just back from ticket redemption @ Stadium Negara.Yes!!I'm getting the KPop Live concert ticket from DIGI...fuiyohh~~~
Because of the ticket i lost my temper!! Do you know why?Let 's continue reading the below......
It's very complicated to get the ticket because some body told me Stadium Negara is Bkt Jalil!!! Early in the morning around 9am my friend John fetch me to Bkt Jalil from my house to there around 1 hour depends on the traffic jam....The traffic was Jam like hell~~you know here is KL...Jam every where!! Damn it!!! well~back to the topic,once i reach Bkt Jalil i ran to one of the counter to ask whr to redeem the ticket.You know what the person said~Today no any concert or activity held at here!!! I was like~OMG....I tried so hard to beg my friend to send me thr but then I realize wrong places I went when i reached Bukit Jalil.I felt so angry and sad!Angry because the some body said Stadium Negara is Bkt Jalil thats why I went Bkt Jalil some more need to facing the fucking traffic jam! If you are me i believe that you also will be mad and sad,This is the 1st time Korean singer came Malaysia...Korean guy was pretty Handsome!!! I think you know it well right~~~
Hmm~~after that~beg my friend again! Bring me to Hang Tuah Stadium Negara plz~~~and with your fastest speed!!!! fyi.........
The song Fly like a G6 was playing in my heart!!Traffic Jam again to Hang Tuah!!!Damnnnn.........Around 11am reached Stadium Negara~I was felt like emm~my house is quite near to Stadium Jalil~without the stupid some body who told me Stadium Negara is Bkt Jalil i think i will be the 1st 1 who redeem Free ticket form DIGI l!!! Is okie~~as long as i get it!! =)
It's Platinum sit !!! 
I'm going crazy man

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