Thursday, June 18


phone never Ring since tuesday
today is the 3rd day
i hav NO betry any1
I didnt acc thier guy went to my lovely places

i will go thr bcoz of my fren!
tat day~
my fren parent went to Ipoh
she was feel lonely
after skul
she keep thinking smthg foolish
and Ghost~~
bcoz no1 inside the house
v r besties
so I accompany her
acctually v just wana go out yam cha
b4 tis i hav talk to her tat
i'm very intrested v Desa Parkcity
4 me
thr is a peacefull places
the point of view is quite wonderfull
the air was fresh
is a nice places to relax ourself
and chit chat
so~she ask sumbody to fetch us
the guy is her FREN
I'm not intrested tat driver at ALL
i duno ah Fong oso gt go
i tot juz Ivy,cai jing & her driver
tats y i'm thr
if i noe they r 2 boy 2girl i sure wont go!
at the moment u r sick
i'm going out & playing
mayb tats the reason u dont like
i'm NOT happy
I'm laughing does not means I'm happy
do u noe~
I went back hm as fast as posible
time will never wait 4 any1
10.50pm smthg i reach hm
I'm late almost 50min
i oledi try my best
i'm not the 1 who drive
i oso nt the

I'm still work hard
still waiting
Dont go away

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