Tuesday, May 27

Updated- Skin Condition

Heyyy guysss~~

I'm back to update my skin condition after trying out some Aloe Vera drink n gel for my destabilize skin =)

It works pretty good on me!! Now i have my healthy skin back~ I'm so happy with it... Thx god!! 

So~~~ I can confidentially attend event and also interview xD huhuuuu....

Ohh yeah!!

Two weeks ago I've attended Emirates Airline interview at Johor Bahru, I'm proud to announce that i got into Final and now waiting for my Golden Call ^^

The interview procedure is slightly different from the one i posted in year 2011.

Stay tune for my 2nd post of Emirates Airline Interview Experience!!  

Last but not least, thanks to everyone of you who read-up my blog, concern about me and leave me an email.

See you in my next post! Good Luck to me!!! Pray hard hard laaaa xDDD

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Anonymous said...

That's good news Ms. Jazz Wei. This is Chloe by the way. I hope you can check your email, as I sent you a message. Thanks!

P.S. Were there any foreigners (particularly Filipinas) during the Assessment Day? Thanks!